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Who doesn’t wants to look beautiful in Photos? Learn these master tips of posing

Who doesn’t wants to look beautiful in Photos? Here are some tips to make your self look far better in Photographs next time when you meet your friends once after the quarantine period.

There’s a basic camera principle that both men and women can use to transform how they look in photos, Closer to the camera = bigger in the photo.

We’ve all looked at photos and thought to ourselves ‘do I really look like that?’ It’s because the camera picks up small differences in distance, and then exaggerates them. These are differences that the human eye would never even pay attention to.

You see it in these photos.

In the photo on the left, the Model’s arm looks big because it is the closest thing to the camera. On the right, his arms look tiny in proportion to his head and body, which are closer to the camera.

Whenever you are going to be photographed, especially by the camera on a phone, take a second to think about which part of your body is closest to the camera. Anything coming right towards the camera or anything really close to it will look HUGE.

By stepping back, and putting her arm to the side, the model avoids her arm and elbow looking bigger than they actually are.

Knowing this principle will let you avoid awkward distortions, but you can also use it deliberately to make parts of your body appear bigger or smaller! Many of the tricks celebrities and models use to look better in photos are based on the underlying principle of Closer Means Bigger. (The technical name for it is Forced Perspective.) Here are a few examples:

 If you shift your weight onto your back foot, you are moving your hips slightly further from the camera, and will automatically look slimmer.

Whether your lower body or upper body is closer to the camera always changes how your body looks.

  • Folding your arms in front of your body will always make them look bigger than they really are (along with sneakily using your fists to make those muscles bulge that bit more).
  • If you bring your head closer to the camera, it will look bigger in proportion to your body, and the photo will put more emphasis to your face and hair.

The differences in the distance don’t have to be big: they can be unbelievably subtle and still make a difference to the camera. You can see it with close-ups of your face.

  • Do you want your eyes to look huge? Lower your chin to bring your eyes closer to the camera.
  • Do you want your smile to look bigger? Raise your chin to bring your lips closer to the camera instead. (Your eyes will look smaller because they are further away, and because your eyelids will come down over your eyes in this position.)

You usually have complete control over which parts of you are closest to the camera. So remind yourself of Closer Means Bigger when you are being photographed, because you can apply it to any situation.

That’s all, master these tips during quarantine so that you can master how to pose, get ready to surprise your friends! 😉



Kittu Krishna

I am a Communications Graduate previously interned with Behindwoods.com and other advertising agencies as Digital PR and as Content Producer. A hobby photographer who loves travel and biking. I primarily report on Political Affairs, Social Conflicts and edutainment features.