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Valentines Day And the Business Generated Around It.

It is surprising to know that valentine’s day actually started as a religious holiday. This day is very special for every lover in the world irrespective of the countries.

    It’s not only lonely teenagers or lovers that make the best use of this chance but also entrepreneurs are the ones that hugely benefit from this day. In fact, there is a large scale business worldwide, that tries to cater to the needs of lovers.

      Well, it may always not be as easy to satisfy your soulmate in this world of creativity. Of course, sometimes words alone can do the deal but in most of the cases, there are people that measure the magnitude of love in the equivalent of gifts and other material stuff.

    Valentine’s day gifts are in a wide spectrum, starting from chocolates to costly diamonds.

     When we look at the business perspective of this big day, let’s take the case study of the USA market in 2016.

   In 2016, Americans spent around 20 billion dollars on this day alone. Out of which,2 billion were spent on roses alone. Rose farmers have to go an extra mile to satisfy the market need and have to grow around 224 million roses for this day. In Chicago, on an average day, the cost of a rose is 1 dollar, whereas, on valentine’s day, it’s sold at the double price at 2 dollars per piece.

   Of late, greeting cards have become synonymous with valentine’s day and consequently, around 151 million greeting cards are sold and on an average, Americans spend 7-8 dollars on a single greeting card.

   For some reason, girls love teddy bears more than anything else especially when it’s presented by their loved ones. On an average,100 dollars are spent on a teddy bear.

       According to some surveys, about 6 million people expect marriage proposals on this romantic day.So this makes the affair a bit costlier as around 4.5 billion dollars are spent on jewellery.

  To convey their sweet message, most people choose chocolates and as a result,138,000 pounds of chocolate was consumed on this single day in 2016,in US alone and around 2 billion were spent for this.

However,no amount of money or material gifts can measure true love, these gifts only tell us that valentine’s day is special and gifts are one of many media we have to communicate love.