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‘V’ Movie review: Simply a C-Y-A-N-I-D-E

September 5 might be the date, but the release was made early. Director Mohana Krishna Indraganti has proved himself one more time but yet with a strategy named ‘V’, an Action-Suspense-Thriller Entertainment. Critically a Yielding Acquaintance of Newly Integrated Dynamic Elevations (C-Y-A-N-I-D-E) is observed within the Cast of the movie. Shortly, a must-watch film.

Awaited intro of Mr. V:

Most of us have realized that Nani is somehow the villain in the movie as the title suggests ‘V’, first letter of Villain and, from the clues given through the teaser as well as the trailer. Take a look at him, he is introduced as a ‘Killer’ (not the name of character). He killed it.

But for the highness in the expectations, the movie is next level. The cast is made for the movie. While the characters of the cast speak more than what we all have experienced with them through the previous films.

Everyone who played key roles in the movie are one side of the screen and this suspicious ‘V’, the killer is the other side. Nani has made his career with this newly elevated character. A sniff of laughing gas is what the killer did to the audience with his hilarious psychic jokes. His killing strategies at a point involves, the hit Hollywood series ‘Game of Thrones’. Arya starks killing the Night king and Viserys Targaryen’s death scenes resemble some of the killer moves. While he especially mentioned about the series and the death of Viserys Targaryen at an instance of a murder.

The unexpected shades of the cast:

Sudheer babu as Vivek Krishna, a police officer with great physic and an unpredictable strategical knowledge. Just after getting a reliable medal for his effort; the killer involves his name with the first murder of one of his officers.

Eventually, the two characters know each other personally; as the killer plays even with the power of the police.

The clues for the next murder are played with a riddle strategy according with the places of occurrences. Here comes the beautiful Nivetha as Apoorva who first met Vivek in his medal winning party, a psychology graduate and super much interested in psycho killers. She started with introducing herself to Vivek as she is to write a story of a killer and going with a research on it.

After the first murder Vivek gets to know that this girl must also be a suspect. Gradually, their relation gets into a track in which both plays according to the clues. They solve the puzzles of the killer together and get him almost at a point, where almost never happens.

The reason behind the murders, involving Vivek in it intentionally and making them run along cities are above our expectations. One of the casts, glazing beauty Aditi Rao Hydari has been a suspicious character from the trailer release. She hasn’t been revealed before-hand. And yet she is the main role of all the story.

Just watch the movie ASAP.

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