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The pandemic world: altering definitions and perspectives.

The pandemic world: altering definitions and perspectives.


It took thousands of years of continuous innovations and hardship to have the world that we live in now. However, in a little over 2 months, it went upside down and changed its course, in every sense the way we see, feel, touch, interpret, learn, observe, admire, aspire and everything and anything that we do here. Coronavirus did not even spare the most powerful, peaceful, beautiful, richest, or any 3rd world countries. It has formed a bigger union of victim nations than UNO without any pacts or veto’s.

No matter where all this started, but unfortunately, we do not have a time machine or a magic wand to go back and undo it and make us believe this had never happened. There is no human left that was not impacted by Corona. Everyone had to change themselves to a new way of life in no time without a choice. However, there are also few interesting observations that will hit us hard with the bitter reality.

• Monstrous Nuclear Bombs couldn’t destroy the virus but a simple hand wash does.

• Interstellar satellites couldn’t trace it out but a simple thermal scanning does.

• Artificial Intelligence tools or Astrologers couldn’t predict our fate or suggest a remedy.

• Hollywood superheroes did not come to our rescue but our own neighborhood doctors did.

• Most powerful leaders and dictators couldn’t suppress it with a decree but our self-discipline and isolation did.

• High-end Designer suits did not protect this infection rather than simple PPE suits did.

• Mighty Military was not among the front line fighters in this war against Corona but the health warriors were.

• Holy Mystics could pull a magic trick out of nowhere to vanish it but a local sanitation worker did.

• Non-destructive Bulletproof vests couldn’t stop it from piercing-in but a simple face mask did.

• Holy shrines remained as spectators while hospitals embraced the destitute and cured them.

We humans, always look for a Progressive world to lead a better life disrespecting the co-existence of other creatures in this world, but this pandemic has challenged every aspect of our society to take a step back and introspect our priorities. Corona was a devil’s advocate, It had questioned every Nobel innovations that we were all proud of and the major chunk of tax money that we had spent as world citizens. But at the same time, it had unleashed the unimagined co-existing possibilities and self-reliant realities

. • All International borders are closed but countries were self-sufficient to survive.

• Flights did not fly but virtual meetings covered it up.

• Restaurants were closed but YouTube made you to discover a chef at home.

• Schools were closed, but learnings didn’t.

• Vacations didn’t take off but everyone had the best relaxation ever.

• Celebrities stayed indoors doing daily chores, common men became celebrities fighting corona.

• People stayed indoors fearing going out but every other species came out enjoying their part of their world.

• Zomatos and Swiggys did not deliver food but we still ate home food like there was no tomorrow.

• Ubers and Olas did not ply but we found alternatives to connect without the commute.

• Malls/Movies were shut but we all had a memorable time spending with our family.

• Finally, Beauty products and liquor were proved to be non-essential.

Corona caused devastating damage to the economies and livelihoods across the world. The most developed metro cities have become the greatest victims with thousands of causalities. Whereas, Isolated and small towns who once envied the glorifying status of metros are now breathing safely. Globalization, once the buzz word of economies is a set back now. Localization gained its voice back.

For the first time, we had seen a close screenplay as good as a Hollywood fiction but with a major twist that no hero came to our rescue here. We are literally waging a war with an untraceable enemy. Not between countries or territories but with ourselves and within ourselves. The blame game can go on for decades but solutions have to be quick before the world shrinks and disintegrates. This may be the first of its kind in a century but no one knows if this would be the last one. Hundreds of countries are working to prepare a vaccine but what if there comes another one with a new shape and size.

We humans, should seriously consider this as a warning and learn to co-exist with other creatures. During the last 4 months, the world has seen some miracles that we had never imagined, Smokeless air, chemical less water, hunter fewer forests, traffic-less roads, and crimeless cities, etc.

This was the only time that every country had to look after itself rather than helping others losing an opportunity to gain power over others. Live and let live should be the order of any day. We all should learn to make our priorities right and insist on our governments spend the tax money to build the health and social infrastructure to face any such pandemics.

I found this most buzzing term “Social Distancing” very ironic as “Social” in a sense means close/together but combined with the other term distancing. On a lighter note, this reminds me of the other famous ironical word “Happily Married”!!!

To conclude, let us hope that we will all get over this pandemic with the efforts of the scientific community shortly. On the other hand, We need to pledge to continue few POSITIVE aspects that Corona has taught us during this unprecedented time such as appropriate self/social hygiene, healthy family relations, Stay local-think global, self-reliance, make some me-time, practice a hobby, Cook creative home food, etc. These may not give us an immediate solution to the problem but gives enough strength to face any problem that we may face in the future. Otherwise Corona “Positive” will remain as the most terrifying term in human history.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” ― Mahatma Gandhi