home News Telangana Narayanpet News: A 56 year old man reunites with his family via Tiktok.

Telangana Narayanpet News: A 56 year old man reunites with his family via Tiktok.

Telangana Narayanpet News: A 56 year old man reunites with his family via Tiktok.

Amidst all the chaotic news of the pandemic or the storm or the economic crisis, here is news which will definitely bring a smile to your face.

We have often seen people getting viral on social media and gaining fandom with their amazing and unique talents, whether it is showcasing their singing, dancing or other types of entertainment. Social media influencing has become a legit thing in the past few years and thousands of people from around the world actually earn a living from these platforms. The most recent incidents of very ordinary people becoming overnight successes include the chai wala from Pakistan whose photo went viral because of his Greek god like looks, the food vendor from Assam and of course all of us know Ranu Mandal, who used to sing in the railway platform and was recorded by a stranger. She got so much fame in just a single day that she was even signed by a Bollywood record label.

Social media platforms have also helped people in meeting their friends or family members who they have lost. One such incident happened recently in a small district in Telangana. A resident was lost 13 years ago and reunited with his family on the Chinese based app called Tiktok.

The resident, who is identified as Chandru aged 56, was lost from his family 13 years ago because of mental health issues. The family after searching everywhere in Pedda Thanda which is their native place and everywhere around it just could not seem to locate him, this incident happened somewhere in 2007. Later after a thorough search the family concluded that the man must have died.

But Chandru found his way to a village called Gudigandla which is around 80km from his native village. He started living on the streets, sleeping under the trees and started doing petty jobs for the residents of the village without expecting anything in return. The villagers soon got comfortable with the new face in the village and started taking care of him as well by giving him necessities like food. He introduced himself as Rumulu to the villagers. Soon enough the stranger became one of their own.

Last week, because of the lockdown a resident of the village who drivesan Auto rickshaw in Hyderabad has visited the village. He was bored and installed the Tiktok app. He has seen Chandru around the village looking for food and living in heat, while talking to him he realized he was a resident of Pedda Thanda in Gangaram village. So he uploaded a video on tiktok to see if anyone responds and recognizes him and to his surprise his family commented within 24 hours.

He asked them for the ration card, pictures and other details to confirm that they are his actual family members and after everything turned out fine, he had a vide call with Chandru and family members to see if Chandru recognizes them and he did. The family came to the village to pick him up with the heads of their village.

The residents gave him new clothes and money before sending him off, for some it was a reunion and for the others it was a tearful farewell.