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Story of a Tea maker turned murderer- Saravana bhavan P.Rajagopal.

Story of a Tea maker turned murderer.


This is the story of a successful businessman, who started his career as a tea maker and then turned murderer. I am talking about P. Rajagopal, the owner of world-famous Saravana Bhavan.  This restaurant was opened in 1981, and since then there was no looking back. His franchises spread across countries and aboard, from Singapore to Canada. This restaurant gained popularity among non-Indians.

Rajagopal had a good reputation for being a good employer and he paid handsome salaries to his employees along with education and health for their families. But this man was also involved in a murder of one his employee Santhakumar.  The reason for the murder was his love/obsession towards his employee’s wife Jeevajothi. Later it was learned that Rajagopal was obsessed over Jeevajothi on the advice of his astrologer who had told him that marrying the wife of an employee would bring him more fortune.

Since then Rajagopal had set his eyes on the wife of Santhakumar, employee. But Rajagopal was already married twice. Still, he was obsessed to marry Santhakumar’s wife.  He also asked the couple to separate; he would send goondas whenever they refused. Once Santhakumar was kidnapped and strangled to death. The case was registered against the owner of world-famous Sarvana Bhavan. He had surrendered and got released on bail. He continued to intimidate and assault the victim’s wife.

Later Supreme Court awarded him life imprisonment. On July 18th at the age of 72, P Rajagopal died in a hospital in Chennai.

Why was P Rajagopal so obsessed about fortune, He was already rich and famous. His restaurants flourished across borders. Then why he turned into a criminal? Because he blindly believed astrology.

Astrology is pseudoscience and then there is astronomy which is real science. Astrology is rooted in our minds that the zodiac signs can actually influence the future.  People consider astrology to bring certainty in this uncertain world. A person who is not able to handle the stress, loss, looks forward to astrology. Most of them turn towards astrology when a challenge is faced in life. Sadly even the intelligent people, politicians, and celebrities they all believe astrology. They say even Hitler believed astrology; we all know what happened. Astrology is crap! It is just to fool people. Astrology and horoscope have a placebo effect.  It only makes a person feel better. Astrology is a business, which includes expensive remediation. If astrology was true, everybody in the world would be rich. Because people would act exactly advised by the astrologers and become rich.