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Southern City where fashion reside: Bengaluru.

Southern City where fashion resides: Bengaluru.

India has no city to compare with neither Paris nor New York. India’s way of fashion and living style is influenced by religion and social-economic status. So people are not as free as in western countries. They are restricted by others opinion. Probably cities like Delhi, Mumbai have the most fashionable people but we cannot brush aside cities like Bengaluru. Despite the fact that we have such cultural roots that influence fashion, we’ll mainly talk about mainstream fashion and spectacular everyday wear. In Bengaluru, it is not just fashion weeks, but the people on the street are ruling the fashion.

Bengaluru not only is the IT hub, but also a major fashion destination. Here folks are composed in their outlook and so is the fashion. With most of the crowd being the IT professionals, Bengaluru offers everything vibrant and fun. Bangaloreans believe in experimenting with fashion and mixing Indian with western styles. The city has emerged as one of the fashion capital of the country and is keeping pace with the latest trends.

For the city dwellers being in the city is a big fashion advantage.  They take inspiration from fashion streets and malls. In Bengaluru, if you want to keep up with changes in the fashion world, then MG Road and Brigade Road are where you have to be. Despite the mall culture, the youngsters swear by street style fashion. Not only there is variety on the streets, but shopping is easy on the wallet too, making fashion a daily affair.

Commercial Street is one of the paradises for street shopping in Bengaluru, with clothes ranging from costly to cheap; each of them having superb quality. It is a one-stop destination for garments, imitation jewelry, sports goods, and footwear. This place is crowded, so one must prepare to walk a lot and good bargaining skills will make your shopping experience more worth.

Let us look at other fashionable cities in India.

Mumbai: Mumbai folks follow their own sense of fashion. Since Bollywood heavily influences the Mumbaikars, fashion here is bang on. People dress like a dream they are living in. Some of the big fashion brands and labels can be easily spotted here. Fashion Street is the most iconic place in Mumbai. The street is famous for the latest and trendiest at fewer prices. Export quality goods are dumped here which attract all the shoppers. If you are a smart buyer and good bargainer this is the place for you.

Delhi: It is a city where fashion originated. New Delhi is always known for its wardrobes and styles. From high heels to stylish pyjamas this city has given a new dimension to the style. You will hardly find a girl who is not stylish. There are flea markets that showcase best outfits in the cheapest price possible.

Pune: Pune fashion is student inspired. You will notice that Pune has more hipster style compared to New Delhi and Mumbai. You will find everything new here leaving trends for other cities to follow. Everyday fashion is young and lively.

Shillong:  The Northeast cities have always stayed intact with fashion. Over the years the two cities Shillong and Imphal have experimented well with fashion and the use of basics. Korean pop culture has been adopted by the youth here. The increase in second-hand clothes has grabbed the attention of the youth. These clothes come in various styles and are extremely fashionable.