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Social media sensation : lady helps a blind man in catching the bus

  • The video shows a young lady help a blind man catch his bus. The video has largely restored faith in humanity.

Even in these times of challenging pandemic and lockdown, smaller acts of humanity goes a long way. This time, a lady has won the appreciation of several netizens by doing a kind gesture.

A video was uploaded by IPS officer Vijayakumar on Twitter. The video showed a lady rushing to stop a government bus. She then runs back to help a blind man to get into the bus. She ensures he has safely boarded the bus and goes on with her chore.

The empathy she shared and took to ensure that the man feels safe, has won many hearts. Her simple gesture of empathy has now gone a long way. Watch the video here. You will appreciate her gesture.

The video in Twitter was viewed about 7 lakh times and has also been shared and liked thousands of times. The video was also shared by the Bollywood actor Ritesh Deshmukh who captioned the video “We should all aim to be like her when no one is watching. #Salute”.

Twitter users meanwhile has loved her gesture and is all praise and blessings for the lady.

Some users commented on Vijayakumar’s video saying “she is one of a kind…. Good instincts straight away, did not hesitate even one second…. World still exists due to souls like these….”