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All the Schools are likely to begin in Andhra Pradesh from September 21

Andhra Pradesh’s government decides to reopen the schools from class 9 to 12 from September 21 and continue the academic schedule from the start of next month i.e., from October onwards the schools will run as usual with the required COVID-19 measures.

Teachers are called to schools before hand i.e., likely to be from and on September 21. While, the schools would however shut till the end of the month. Health, Medical, and Family Welfare Department of the State Government on Monday issued GO.390 guidelines for Unlock 4.0 across the state.

From Sept 12 could be a trial period!

Schools, Colleges, Institutes as well as Universities will be remained closed till the end of the month 30 September 2020. All the Academic activities are however remained to be run through online services and will be encouraged helpfully.

Standard Operating Procedure will be issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) as teachers are called upon to the schools, while they continue online teaching from schools and slowly call upon students to the schools.

Teachers from Containment zones are remained to be at home till the circumstances and self-health are to be on to track. Until then the limited teachers will look after the responsibilities in the schools and those from Containment zones can continue their online teaching.

Likewise, also students from containment zones shall remain at their homes till the zone is out of restrictions. All these practices are done with the consent of parent’s permission as the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will be issued by MoHFW. All the training institutions are also permitted to function from 21st September.

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