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Why is Sachin Tendulkar called “God of Cricket” when that title clearly belongs to Jacques Kallis?

Whenever there is a discussion about cricket history, 2013 will hardly be forgotten. After all, this was the year when two of cricket’s greatest players said goodbye to the field in their own style. One said goodbye to international cricket and the other said goodbye to Test cricket and set the path for his complete retirement.

We are talking about South Africa’s greatest all-rounder Jacques Kallis and the most successful batsman in cricket history, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Both chose the same year to bid farewell, in such a situation, the question will always be alive that who was the more great cricketer in Sachin and Kallis …?


Usually, when someone is asked this question, the answer is that both of them have their own merits, and both of them have been kings of cricket for their own team … But still, the question is known that in the confrontation of these two Who was the best? Let us look at some special aspects of both the players, which will make it clear to a large extent that both were definitely great but somewhere it can become the biggest debate in cricket.












  1. Sachin Tendulkar (Master of Cricket)-

In his career, this great cricketer achieved all the things with the bat that any cricketer would have wished. There was probably no one better than them on paper, and no one could do it further. A career record of 24 years, 15,921 runs, and a record 51 centuries in 200 Test matches, a record 18,426 runs in a record 463 matches and a record 49 centuries in ODIs. These are the giant figures who indicate the level of a great cricketer, a legend cricketer.

The calm and bat-speaking player gained as much popularity as he could while staying on the field and staying away from controversies, even off the field. Along with Indian cricket, crores of cricket fans of the world gave him the status of the God of the game and he took such a farewell, whose dreams ended the players’ careers.





  1. Jacques Kallis (A Complete Package)-

Sachin Tendulkar may have made many records with the bat, of course, he has created history so many times that all the sports lovers of India and the world have saluted him, but there was one player in the South African team who without much focus, without much limelight Always made a place in the heart of the fans and on the go was also realized greatness. The name is Jacques Kallis.

When the 38-year-old announced his retirement from the Durban Test against India, he did not look down and returned to the pavilion with his 45th century on the go even after a career of nearly 20 years. Some people prefer Kallis as the greatest cricketer because he has contributed and given the best level in every department of the field.

He scored 13,289 runs in 166 Tests, he also took 292 wickets till the first innings of the Durban Test, not only that, he also topped the field and became the world’s number two Test player in 200 catches. Apart from this, he scored 11,574 runs in 325 ODIs with 17 centuries, as well as took 273 wickets and grabbed 129 catches here.

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So what specialty made Sachin GOD OF CRICKET?

I think one of the special things about Sachin Tendulkar made him different from Kallis that he was the only inspiration for Cricket in India that time and different and traditional cricket techniques which can hit boundaries in any area of the field and any bowlers of the world anytime, and he also has the ability to score runs in big matches, that’s why Sachin is the greatest of all times players such as LaraPonting, and Kallis get ahead.