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Rise and fall of Entrepreneur: CCD Founder VG Siddhartha

Rise and fall of Entrepreneur: VG Siddhartha.

“A lot can happen over coffee” this came true to VG Siddhartha. His Café coffee day also called as CCD, an Indian café chain served 1.8 billion cups of coffee annually. Cafe Coffee day Global limited Company is a Chikmagalur based business which grows coffee in its own estates of 20,000 acres.

V G Siddhartha started the café chain in 1993. The first outlet was set up on July 11, 1996, at Brigade Road Bangalore. It rapidly expanded across various cities in India, with more than 1843 cafes by 2019.

He also expanded outside India with outlets in Austria, Malaysia, Egypt, and Nepal.

The company is known from owning the plantations, growing the coffee, making coffee machines and very own furniture for outlets.

When he first opened his outlet, in Brigade Road, even his associates thought it was a bad idea to pursue in a tea-drinking nation. Café coffee day did what Starbucks did globally and the rest is history.

But nation was shocked to the news of the death of this business tycoon. On July 29th, CCD founder VG Siddhartha went missing, which sent ripples alarm across the country. On Wednesday 31st July, the body was recovered from the Netravati River near Mangalore. Siddhartha left a suicide note in which he apologized to his board members and CCD family and said that he has let them down. He also said that he failed as an “entrepreneur”. How can a man fail who gave so much to his customers?

If you were a kid from 90s, you must be feeling blue today—as Siddhartha’s demise marks the end of an era. For most of us, CCD was the place to catch up with friends, and for some, it was the first dating place.  So many dates, breakups, crushes, friendships, jobs, business plans, etc happened because of him. Truly CCD has proved that “a lot can happen over coffee.”

Siddhartha thought of himself as a failure, but for the rest of India, this man was a success story. However, his death has erupted war of words. The Congress unit blamed harassment of IT officials had resulted in a decline in an entrepreneurial position.

Even with better planning, funding, and flexibility why do people fail as an entrepreneur? Why is entrepreneurship suicidal? Well depression or thoughts about killing yourself may not be the predictor always, but the feeling of being trapped. It is time to pay attention if things can be managed. Even though mental health is essential for business, it is also important to know if the structure of the business is leading to a feeling of entrapment.  But it is concluded that the high stress, uncertainty, isolation risk of humiliation might be a few factors that might lead to the suicidal road.

Of all, it is the humiliation and failure are contributors to suicidal actions. The inability to tolerate these events may relate to personal vulnerability

But there is no such trap, that needs to be fatal, unfortunately, the person involved doesn’t see the way out.