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Revisiting SaiPallavi’s Craze with her debut PREMAM: Birthday Special

Revisiting SaiPallavi’s Craze with her debut PREMAM: Birthday Special



SaiPallavi debuted in the 2015 Malayalam movie PremamPremam is about the three stages of a man’s life, and his love interests at each stage. It’s nothing extravagant. It’s a simple story, which many of us can relate to, and give us nostalgia about our school days and crushes. This movie became a blockbuster, and although the story wasn’t anything unheard, it gained endless praise for the treatment of the story and the characters.


Needless to say, Premam became crazy famous and ran for even 250+ days in Tamil Nadu and was watched by people all over South India.

Sai Pallavi plays second lead, college time love interest. Her portrayal of Malar gained critical acclaim and a huge welcome and applaud by the audience. Out of the 2hr 30 min movie, hers had the longest time, occupying well over 1hr 10 mins of the story.

Now that we have gotten that down, let’s talk about why she got such craze.

  • Malar herself was a beautiful character. She was fearless, always went with her heart, and just so simple. She reciprocated George’s, a student’s love, even though it wasn’t allowed, and made him into a better person. Malar was a character that’d stay in your heart forever, and the kind of girl any guy would love to fall in love with, so this gave Sai Pallavi a massive advantage.
  • Sai Pallavi’s portrayal of Malar was fabulous. Her acting was spot on, and this was amazing for a debutante.
  • Her no makeup look. Sai Pallavi donned no makeup for the character of Malar. Her face isn’t flawless. She has pimples all over. She has a deep voice. However, director Alphonse Putharen gave her the confidence to embrace herself and now; she refuses to wear makeup for any movie. If she does, it’s very minimal.
  • Embracing her curly hair.What Premam revolutionized was that, being normal is okay. It’s okay to not have flawless skin or straight hair. It’s okay to be makeup free. We’re so corrupted with the idea of “perfection” and what beauty is. Premam changed that. The movie had both Anupama and Sai Pallavi embracing their natural looks and incredibly curly hair, and this made the audience love them even more.
  • She’s determined and hard working. For her debut Telugu film, Fidaa, she worked hard to learn the foreign language and get the accent spot on. She eventually dubbed for herself and won massive praise for her performance as Bhanumathi – a strong independent girl from Telangana – in the film. There are some actresses who have been working in the industry since a decade and still cannot speak the language in public.
  • She’s adoctor by profession. Yep, she completed her medical studies in 2016 from Georgia.
  • She’s also a dancer. This dance sequence from Premam is great and is bound to leave you shocked.
  • She has a great smile, She’s so beautiful and what’s better is that, it’s natural beauty.



  • She attends award functions with a fresh face and unruly hair.When was the last time you ever saw someone do this? Who would have the guts to remain true to their selves?




The audience loved not seeing an untalented actress who either doesn’t act enough or over acts too much, and has a face full of makeup. They loved Sai Pallavi’s authenticity so much that they’ve sent her numerous emails not to put makeup on!

I guess this is why the audience loves her so much. It’s hard not to like her, she’s simply amazing, in and out. How hard is it to not fall for this face?



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