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RCB Insider Mr. Nags- Danish Sait

Who is this Mr. Nags? Is he a rival to the team or a supporter! Does he entertain people in the name of looping the team? Wanna know about him more? Keep reading.


Danish Sait, so-called MR. Nags, a Stand-up comedian who began his vocation as an RJ for fever 104 FM where he settled on a few trick decisions sanctioning numerous anecdotal jobs that were made by him including Nograj, Asgar, Nagesh, and so on. He has likewise facilitated TV programs in Kannada and a few games like the Expert Kabaddi Class and Cricket world Cup in 2015.

Mr. Nags was an aspect of the Bengaluru based parody bunch called The Comedy. He made his movie debut in the year 2018 depicting an interesting character notwithstanding co-composing the movie called “Humble Politician Nograj” with the chief Saad Khan. As of late, he additionally acted in the film called “French Biryani” as an auto driver.

Internet take-over:

During the pandemic, the Bengaluru based artist has assumed control over the web with his clever recordings to light up our lives during the lockdown and furthermore assist us with overcoming it. Danish Sait plays relatable characters taking motivation from his own encounters. Through these recordings, we have gone over paramount characters who are totally played by him like ‘Ramoorthy’, the normal Kannadiga uncle, ‘Jaya’, a house help, her manager ‘Didi’ who talks in a piercing anglicized highlight, the spoilt Bengaluru young men who consistently state ‘machaa’ and ‘brother,’ the strict Muslim man who guides a youthful female family member yet knows nothing, the false ‘women’s activist’ ladies and, Jaya’s smashed spouse who generally shows up in dull glasses towards the end.

RCB Insider and Danish Sait:

Being an individual from the RCB insider group, Danish Sait as Mr. Bothers is consistently there to help the group and his fans to cheer and backing the host group with a blend of humor. He meets the individuals from the RCB group and furthermore does all that conceivable to hassle the commander of the group, Virat Kohli, and AB De Villiers consistently during the IPL season.

Fans anxiously hold on to perceive what more Mr. Bothers does while he meets the major parts in his exceptional manners. Danish Sait says that Mr. Bothers is a cliché portrayal of a Bengalurean’s intonation and quirk and that is the means by which the crowd and fans can identify with him. RCB insider has a decent reaction from the fans for the humoristic content given by Mr. Bothers and his meetings.

Indians, particularly individuals from Bengaluru, owe him a gigantic obligation of appreciation for all the diversion he has given us with his creative reasoning. While there’s an option for this, check his latest videos on his YouTube channel.

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