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Rahul Sipligunj the local boy wins Big Boss 3 Telugu title

The Sunday evening Telugu states witnessed its winner of the much popular show “Big Boss” Telugu. The third season of the show which was hosted by Actor ” Akkineni Nagarjuna” came to an end last Sunday night. The grand finale day show was for 4 hours and the show was up to the hype and was thrilling. The finale had the entertaining performances by the contestants and the Tollywood heroines like ” Anjali”, “Catherine Tresa” and the latest hit girl from “ISmart Shankar ” heroine “Nidhi Agarwal”, The show also had performances from the singer “Anurag Kulkarni”.

The show had other Tollywood guests like Actress “Rashi Khanna”, Director Maruti and Actor Srikanth. The chief guest of that event was “Megastar Chiranjeevi” who made his presence memorable for the audience with an entertaining gesture along with Nagarjuna the host of the Big boss 3 show. The Host Nagarjuna with the help of the guests eliminated the last three contestants from the top 5 according to the votes they have got from the public. As social media leakages said that the winner was “Rahul Sipligunj” but that didn’t stop the Telugu audience from watching the most entertaining show. The finale was all the way entertaining from the first to minute to the last of it.

Out of the top five contestants, the first to go out was Ali Reza who stood in fifth place in terms of votings. The next to leave was actor “Varun Sandesh” and the third to leave was the entertainer ” Baba Bhasker”. The final two left were the most Popular anchor and lively girl “Sreemukhi ” who made her mark in the TV and movies, she was the face of big boss 3  where she solely dominated the season 3 and she was active in all tasks given by big boss and entertained the audience throughout the season. The other top contest was “Rahul Sipligunj” No one must have thought at the beginning of the season that Rahul Sipligunj would be in the Top Five. But the genuine nature and straightforwardness made him win the hearts of Telugu people.

Everyone who watched the Big Boss 3 season had no doubt that “Sreemukhi” would be the winner but Rahul sipligunj gave her a tough fight. And there were also few rumors circulated in the social media that “Sreemukhi” have friends in the Big Boss team who are helping, that might have impacted the audience and which helped Rahul Sipligunj gain the votes. Rahul Sipligunj on the other hand who was on the elimination list for almost all the time slowly gained the momentum and started winning the hearts. His friendship with Punarnavi, Varun Sandesh and Vithika gave him a lot of confidence, especially with punarnavi which gained much talk about their relationship. Rahul Sipligunj entertained audiences with amazing signing whenever he got the opportunity to showcase it. The local boy “Rahul Sipligunj” gained much love the Hyderabad and Telugu states because of genuine nature and the attitude which he carried through the show.

The finale had the Megastar Chiranjeevi as its chief guest who made the show worth watching along with host Nagarjuna. Megastar Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna announced “Rahul Sipligunj” as the winner of the show.  Sreemukhi was declared as the runnerup, she won the hearts of the million people earlier on the Tv Shows as the top anchor and now won the hearts as the Contestant in the Big boss 3. Both Rahul and Sreemukhi got an amazing welcome from the audience when they came out of the Big boss house.