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Radio host receives threat, deletes her video online

  • The radio host RJ Suchitra has initially posted a video on social media, that largely triggered nationwide outrage of the father-son duo death
RJ Suchitra is well-known radio jockey. She earlier last month took to the social media to enlighten the netizens about the custodial death of Benix and Jayraj. In her video, she gave graphic details on the police torture the duo faced in Tamil Nadu that triggered a nationwide outrage. However, now she has deleted her video on the incident. She said that she was asked to delete by the state police which had earlier probed the case until it was taken over by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). She tweeted “The CB-CID (Crime Branch-Criminal Investigation Department) called. And threatened arrest for spreading fake news with intent to cause anarchy. Deleted the video under the advice of my lawyer who said they are definitely capable of doing it. Please watch the case people- there’s a lot of foul play being employed”. Also, in another post she said “Deleting the video is not important. This is what worries me- they told me the post-mortem report says none of what I’ve said in the video, happened. A true mortem is CRUCIAL. Media, pls don’t rest until u get a copy”. After the incident garnered a nationwide outrage, many celebrities like Priyanka Chopra had voiced their anger after listening to the radio jockey narrate the incident. When Suchitra was asked about her source of information, where she said that the duo had injuries on their rectum, and their chest being pulled out, Suchitra claimed that she found the details from the FIR filed by the family of the victims. The CB-CID in their post on social media had said that Suchitra had exaggerated the incident without any solid proof. They also alleged that her video is a figment of imagination. The District SP Jayakumar told that nothing of whatever she claims or alleges is true, as understood from the post mortem report. The father Jayaraj, 59 and his son Beniks Immanuel were arrested on June 19 for violating the lockdown after keeping their shops open beyond 8 pm.

The family has alleged that the duo were tortured brutally an entire night in the police custody.