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Pubg game and its consequences of over addiction.

Player unknown battle grounds (PUBG ) is an online game which has been a rage for quite some time now. Actually the game was launched in 2017 and soon became world’s second best selling game for PC. In 2018,it was made available for mobiles and took less than two months to hit hundred million dollars mark.This game became so popular among youth that they consider it as an emotion rather than a game.

However, games are only meant to entertain us, PUBG has crossed that level of entertainment and comfortably pushed itself into our lives as an addiction.

There have been numerous instances worldwide to strengthen this statement. If we look at some of the astonishing facts about PUBG, it’s impossible for an individual to remain normal.

PUBG has nearly 227 million monthly players and 87 million daily players.

  • So far, in Android and I OS combined, PUBG managed to earn 240 million downloads.
  • More than  half a million copies of PUBG are sold.
  • 400 million people played PUBG at least once in their lifetime.
  • PUBG earned a total revenue of 1.03 billion dollars.

These are only numbers that tell how popular and addictive PUBG has become these days.

If we consider country wise contributions, China tops the list with 33 %, followed by USA with 11 %and India with 8%.

It’s high time we realize the importance of time and stop wasting it in such non-important affairs.

Above all, human relationships are being adversely affected as young people are not spending enough time with family members and developing an arrogant attitude even in real life and adjusting themselves to the requirements of the game.

Some recent bizarre incidents caused by PUBG tell us how degraded our standards are as a society and alarming us about the weak basement on which our younger generations are being built.

A 19-year-old boy killed both his parents and sister because they insisted him not to play the game.

A 15-year-old in Mumbai had to undergo mental treatment to come out of the addiction.

Is this what we are calling as young India and depending on them as largest workforce in the world?

Even some governments are planning to ban the game because of it’s addictive and nature. But the responsibility is not completely on the governments but also our biggest contribution would be not being an addict for anything.

There might be various reasons like peer pressure but we need to overcome them and become wise enough to differentiate between entertainment and addiction.