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My Political Entry Is Definite : Superstar Rajinikanth about his political entry.

The much-awaited announcement on superstar Rajinikanth entry into politics is made on Sunday morning.”My political entry is definite.” Quoted by thalaivar.

Rajinikanth said in the announcement that “I will form a party and contest all constituencies in Tamil Nadu in the next Assembly elections”.

Rajinikanth expressed his agony in these words ” Democracy is in bad shape right now. All other states in the country have been making fun of us (Tamil Nadu). I will feel guilty if I don’t take this decision now”. In the name of democracy, these politicians are robbing us of our own money in our own land. It’s  the time now we need to bring a change from the base.

He also quoted that “From the days of kings and rulers looting other countries and kingdoms, we have come to a situation where rulers are looting their own country.”Truth, work, and growth” will be the three mantras of our party.I am not entering politics for post or position. If I wanted those, I would have got them in 1996 itself. The system has to be changed. Democracy has been corrupted and needs to be cleansed from the roots.

In Tamilnadu, it’s not new for actors to turn into politicians and there is much instability in the government. Let’s see will the superstar Rajinikanth can make the cut. The political entry of the Kollywood was started with the greats of “MGR” he was the trendsetter of Tamilnadu politics, followed by “Karunanidhi” and Amma ” Jayalalitha”. Earlier this year Actor and star Kamal Hassan has also announced his entry into politics. Tamilnadu people have always given good welcome to actors who turned into politicians.


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