home Entertainment, News, Politics Pawan Kalyan to begin political tour from Kondagattu temple (Telangana).

Pawan Kalyan to begin political tour from Kondagattu temple (Telangana).

The stage is set for Actor-turned Janasena founder Pawan Kalyan’s political tour from Kondagattu (Karimnagar dist.) Telangana .

Going into details, Pawan Kalyan Political Yatra tweet read (translation) the following:

‘I shall begin my indefinite political Yatra from the holy shrine, Kondagattu Hanuman Temple, Karimnagar. I had a narrow escape from the same place (Karimnagar), of what could have been a near-fatal accident during my 2009 election campaigning (When he was campaigning for Prajarajyam as Yuvarajyam President, he came into contact with 11 KV live wire while addressing the people. He was also unconscious for some time. The star actor feels that because of the blessings of Kondagattu Anjanna, he escaped the major mishap). Additionally, Lord Hanuman being our family deity is also another reason for me to start my political Yatra from this holy temple. After performing multi-religious prayers, I shall begin my journey to seek to bless from my Telugu people and to understand and study the hardships facing by each and every one of you. I will announce my Yatra’s schedule on the premises of Kondagattu Hanuman Temple. Do bless me.’
This statement from PK is surely going to bring cheer, delight in the faces of all his fans. At the same time, the manner in which his statement is made indicates that Pawan is not leaving any stone unturned to give any chance to his detractors, critics, and political rivals. The statement is made very carefully and very consciously and smartly written. This indicates that Pawan Kalyan is in full form and making his foray into politics with full vigor.

Previously Pawan Kalyan also decided to start his Yatra across the states. Pawan spoke to media after meeting CM on the Uddanam issue and revealed this to learn about people’s problem. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

Since he met KCR on 2nd of January at the former’s camp office in Hyderabad, Pragathi Bhavan, raising several eyebrows, We get to know that Pawan Kalyan is trying to engage in political activities in future days. It speaks that he wants Janasena to be strong in both AP and Telangana. This yatra will help pavan Kalyan to know facts about the people’s problems and to build their Party cadre so that he might know the challenges he has to face in the coming up elections.

Wishing Pawan Kalyan with all good.

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