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The New Leader Of The Nation – KT Rama Rao

The new Leader of the Nation — KT Rama Rao.

We have the beautiful Charminar, the bright bangles from Laad bazaar, the most refreshing Irani chai and Osmania biscuits, and not to mention, the best biryani. But ever wondered there could be something beyond just this? We are a massively booming IT hub, with rapid innovation. It was made possible by that strong pillar of our state,

Shri Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao.


Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao (KTR) is the minister of Information Technology, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MAUD), Textiles and NRI affairs, Telangana. Born on 24th of July, 1976 and son of the first and present Chief Minister of the state, Shri Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR), he has a vision, and is working towards it to make the city, state and the country a place better than ever.


KTR had begun his political career in the year 2009, as a contestant at the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Elections, winning by a close margin of 171 votes, soon after which he and ten other members from the TRS resigned from the Legislative Assembly, in support of a separate state for Telangana and urged the state and central governments to give in to the demands of people in the Telangana movement, that happened from 2009 to 2014. There were several social connects that took place, and hardships, for a separate state whose capital today is developing rapidly. On the 23rd of April, 2014, he declared the following : “All sections must derive confidence from the fact that even at the height of our movement (for statehood), no individual, family or institution was harmed or alienated. This has been the philosophy of the party and it will continue to be the driving force in the days to come. We are looking forward to a Telangana that is growth-oriented, development-oriented, drives employment, education-focused and takes care of the need of all sections of society.”


Under KTR’s leadership, T-Hub, India’s largest startup incubator came into existence, with INR 40 crore investment that has up to 300 startups associated with it, having a workspace for up to 800 people at once. He lead an IT department delegation on a two-week tour to the United States in the year 2015, where he met various CEOs like John Chambers of Cisco, Mark Hurd of Oracle, John Veihmeyer of KPMG and Satya Nadella of Microsoft, who have agreed upon extending their support to his initiative. Google and Amazon had proposed to set up their biggest offices than their existing ones in Telangana, India. Uber had proposed that the first center of excellence will be set up in Hyderabad with an investment of 50 million USD. The LuLu group of Abu Dhabi proposed to invest INR 2500 crore in Telangana’s FMCG development. Infosys Former CEO Vishal Sikka had also proposed to set up an office holding 25,000 employees, making it the biggest Infosys campus.


The recent Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, being its first in South Asia was held from November 28th to November 30th in Hyderabad, where KTR addressed the delegates, alongside Ivanka Trump, advisor to the president, the United States of America.


KTR indeed is a prominent leader in the current day, and an inspiration to many young, innovative minds. He was awarded by India Today as the ‘IT Indian of the Millenium’ because he made Hyderabad not just a better city, but a city of dreams, by having many people working and also being the fifth highest contributor to its GDP. He is the new Leader  of the country that the nation looked for.

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