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New education policy – AIADMK silence poses a threat to education development

DMK leader MK Stalin has questioned the AIADMK government’s stance on the new education policy.

The Central BJP, which operates at the height of authoritarianism, disregards democratic norms and the dignity of the Constitution. The new education policy, which the government is deliberately imposing with various motives, is against state rights – social justice – and India’s diversity – and is set to darken the future of Indian youth.

Opposition parties in Tamil Nadu, including the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), have strongly opposed the move, with the ruling Palanisamy-led AIADMK in Tamil Nadu. The government, fearing, ambushing and keeping the peace whether it will incur the wrath of its Delhi masters or counter-action, poses a great danger to the educational development that has been going on in Tamil Nadu for centuries.

In particular, in the new education policy, the AIADMK has expressed concern over the trilingual policy being emphasized, as opposed to the bilingual program of Grandfather Anna. The government should immediately break its silence. As a result of the bilingual policy resolution passed during the DMK rule led by Grandfather Anna that there is no place for Hindi domination in Tamil Nadu, the mother tongue the Tamil language has developed and the students of Tamil Nadu today have great responsibilities globally through the medium of communication, English; They are adding fame to the Thai soil.

With the aim of undermining the height of growth that Tamil Nadu students have achieved over North Indian students, the AIADMK, which is associating Grandfather Anna with his nickname in the name of the party, has come out against the central government’s new education policy that seeks to impose India and Sanskrit. What is the position of the government?

Does this government think that Grandfather Anna should sacrifice their bilingual policy agenda and somehow save the rest of their tenure? MGR. Has the present AIADMK government dared to betray them as they and Jayalalithaa continued to adhere to the bilingual policy of not allowing Hindi domination during their rule? Thus said, MK Stalin.