home Social Life after Corona: Essential guide to connecting with nature in Goa’s Private Islands

Life after Corona: Essential guide to connecting with nature in Goa’s Private Islands

Life after Corona: Essential guide to connecting with nature in Goa’s Private Islands


Goa, a south-western state of India by location and southern in the sense of its spirit with many similarities in language, culture, food & architecture has a lot to offer. Secluded islands, pristine waters and starry nights call for a perfect getaway to indulge in the peace of Goa’s unexplored private islands. Be it a quiet family time, a chirpy reunion bash or a freaky bachelor’s night, days spent in the lap of nature on these Goa’s private islands is pure bliss.


Chorao Island

Situated 5kms away from Panjim, Chorao Island carries a mesmerizing old-world charm. Nestled among dense mangrove forests and backwaters, Chorao is the ideal for low-key holidays. The island boasts Spanish styled villas with lavish pools & elegant outdoor gardens to meet your needs of a cozy stay.


How to Reach: Take a ferry or a canoe from Ribandar


Things to Do: Explore nature trails on a bicycle. Catch a bite at any of Islands contemporary European styled cafes & bistros. Visit Dr. Salim Ali bird sanctuary. Discover Neo-Roman architectural style while visiting St Bartholomew church


Divar Island

Divar Island is located at a distance of 10km from Panjim. The Island retains its traditional Goan aura with vintage houses, tranquil waters and scenic spots. The Island comes to life during the annual festivals of Bonderam and Patekar. Experience colorful parades of floats, live bands, DJ nights and much more during Bonderam carnival held on the fourth Saturday of August. For partygoers who relish spooky nights, Patekar, a 3-day festival held before the start of Lent/ Ash Wednesday serves best party nights in Halloween like atmosphere. The Island has many luxury heritage homes and retreats to choose from for accommodation


How to Reach: Access the Island through a ferry from Old Goa to reach the southern side, from Naroa to reach the eastern side, from Ribandar to reach the southwest side of Divar Island.


Things to Do: Explore the remnants of the Kadamba Dynasty when you visit the Church of Our Lady of Compassion. Head to a 400-year-old Sao Mathias Church and Saptakoteshwar Temple while onshore. Experience luxury sailing by hiring Yachts and Boats that accommodate overnight stays and day & night cruise parties


Conco Island

This tiny rocky island situated in the north of Palolem beach is home to coconut grooves and shy monkeys. The sun-kissed island is perfect for laid back holidays. Known for amazing sunsets, views of rock formations, hidden coves and green lush forests, the place sets the mood for memorable reunions and romantic birthday surprises. There are several spa resorts & sea view retreats in Agonda & Palolem offering ferry or boat rides to Conco Island


How to Reach: Take a boat ride from Agonda Beach or Palolem


Things to Do: A day at Conco Island can be filled with plenty of water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, etc. A picnic followed by sunbathing is a great option too. Don’t forget to spot dolphins while you are at Conco Island.


Sao Jacinto Island

Popular as the exotic island of Goa, Sao Jacinto Island is 7 km away from Vasco Da Gama. The inhabitants protect their island’s ecosystem making it a paradise for nature lovers. This island serves as a perfect escape for solo travelers who crave solitude. One could groove to good old songs as tides touch the shore to re-energize from the otherwise hustle and bustle.


How to Reach: You may hire a car to reach the island through a bridge that connects to the NH-17 Vasco-Panaji coastal highway or take a jetty ride.


Things to Do: Get the adrenaline going with several water sport options available or spend a quiet time taking a walk along the beach followed by fishing & swimming. Adventurous souls can try camping. Don’t miss out on catching the glimpse of the sunset from the old Portuguese lighthouse.


Butterfly Beach

The semi-circle shaped island is located in the south of Palolem beach. Home to exotic species of butterflies and rich aquatic life, the island is popular among couples and groups looking for an exclusive holiday. The unique shape of the island surrounded by dense trees makes it secluded yet pristine destination to unwind. After a fancy day on this private island, you could return to your stay at resorts and villas that are available in Palolem.


How to Reach: Rent yachts from Palolem or Agonda


Things to Do: Rock climbing, trekking, canoe riding, dolphin spotting, and snorkeling.


Picture perfect memories are bound to happen when you visit the many opulent pearls of islands Goa has to offer. Enjoy the Kliedescopic vibes coupled with scrumptious fusion cuisine of Portuguese and Indian cultures and holiday away!