home Entertainment Let’s wish Ram Pothineni AKA our very own RaPo on his 32nd birthday.

Let’s wish Ram Pothineni AKA our very own RaPo on his 32nd birthday.

Happy Birthday RaPo: Let’s wish Ram Pothineni AKA our very own RaPo on his 32nd birthday

Our very own RaPo, Ram Pothineni is celebrating his 32nd birthday today, i.e. the 15th of May. Ram Pothineni a very famous tollywood superstar started his film career in 2006 with the movie Devadasu. Now after more than a decade it is safe to say that he had made a special place in the hearts of his million fans.

Every year on this handsome actors’ birthday his millions of fans spend the day celebrating the most extravagant manner. But before his birthday, on the 12th of May, the actor took to twitter and shared a note which read, “I know how much you love me and I feel blessed to see you all celebrate my birthday every year. However, I would like you all to know that I love you all too and I would want you all to hold back the celebrations this year. The safety of you and your loved ones is of utmost importance to me and I would like to see you all come out of this stronger than before. I shall consider this as my birthday gift from all of you.” He is requesting his fans to follow the norms of social distancing and stay home during the coronavirus lockdown.

The actor was seen in his last movie ‘Ismart Shankar’ in July 2019. He was praised for his performance as the contract killer in this crime romantic drama. The movie also starred Niddhi Agarwal in the lead role. It was a big commercial hit and had a run of 100 days in the cinema halls. Ram bagged a huge fame and success after the release of this film both for his screens presence and his acting.

Right now fans are waiting for Ram Pothinenis’ next project which is the movie ‘Red’ which shoots was paused because of the current world situation. The movie is going to be an action thriller and is directed by Kishore Tirumala.

RaPo wanted to give a gift to his fans on his 32nd birthday, so he took to twitter to share the teaser video of his massy song ‘Dinchak song’ saying that he had a blast on the set filming this. The song just looks as promising as it seems. Happy 32nd Birthday RaPo, your fans cannot wait to see you on big screen.