home Entertainment Kerala youngster wins film award in the United Kingdom.

Kerala youngster wins film award in the United Kingdom.

Kerala youngster wins film award in the United Kingdom

An alumnus of Regent University Londan, Jithin Majeed has won the Royal Television Society (RTS) award for cinematography with Moksha, a documentary based on the city of Varanasi.

One of the holiest and ancient cities, Varanasi has a lot to offer the cameraman. The expansive Ganga, the bustling streets especially during the twilight and the every beautiful visual of the Hindu ritual, these could offer some spectacular vision to any cameraman.

Jithin has been efficient enough to capture these beautiful scenes in his short documentary titled Moksha. His efforts have been testified by the UK’s prestigious RTS ‘s award for camera in the category of film students. However, his plans of going to London to collect the award personally could not happen because of COVID outbreak. The movie was shot, edited and directed by him as a part of his B.A. in filmmaking at Regent’s School of Film and Media, London.

Jithin commented that the award came as a surprise who wanted to make a film on Varanasi after being inspired by a four-minute film directed by Aeyaz. He also says that he has made a lot of amateur videos from his childhood, out of which one earned more than one lakh views on Youtube.

The RTS judges said ‘every shot in this film was cleverly composed, with breath-taking wide shots balancing with intimate close-ups. There was a real sense of place, with the viewer feeling embedded in the landscape of Kashi, the “centre of the universe”. RTS is the oldest television society set up in 1927. It is a British based educational charity.

Jithin hails from Kozhikode and is 22 years old. He had come back to his home in October after completing his cinematography course in London. Jithin was intrigued by the mysterious city near Ganga and was inspired by a Dubai based cinematographer Aeyaz on Varanasi.