home Entertainment, News, Politics Kejriwal meets Kamal Hasan in Chennai.

Kejriwal meets Kamal Hasan in Chennai.

Kejriwal meets Kamal Hasan in Chennai

Delhi chief minister, Arvind kejriwal today called on actor Kamal Hasan who has political circles abuzz with hypothesizing that he may join politics.The Aam aadmi party(AAP)chief was received at the airport by Hassan’s youngest daughter, Akshara.

AAP has been trying to expand its footprint beyond Delhi and establish itself as a party with a national presence; this meeting in Chennai could be the beginning of a new chapter. AAP fought the Goa and Punjab elections earlier this year, losing Goa but emerging as the main Opposition party in Punjab. It is now preparing to fight on limited seats in the Gujarat assembly polls. A meeting with Kamal Haasan, a renowned name across India, could boost AAP’s attempts to establish a national presence.

Having taken to Twitter with a retribution, Kamal Haasan has been adding as much confusion as excitement to the uncertainty of Tamil Nadu politics.

Superstars from filmdom entering politics is not new to Tamil Nadu. From M G Ramachandran to Jayalalithaa, several matinee idols, including M Karunanidhi, have been as successful in politics as they were in films.