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Drug Racket: Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi arrested in a narcotics case

Bangalore: The Central Crime Branch (CCB) has arrested film actress Ragini Dwivedi in the Kannada film industry for drug use.

The Karnataka Central Crime Branch (CCB) raided the house of Kannada film actress Ragini Dwivedi located in the northern part of the city. The search was carried out by the Kannada film industry as part of an investigation into the alleged links of the actress to the drug case. The police gave information about it on Friday.

CCB Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) K.P. Gautam said “Ragini has not been detained, but we have been questioned in our office about her alleged involvement in the Kannada film industry’s drugs case and also taken Whether she also uses narcotic drugs or not.”

According to his summons, Ragini reached the agency’s office hours after the process of searching the CCB at home. Bangalore’s Joint Commissioner of Police Sandeep Patil told reporters here, “Taking a search warrant from the court, 7 CCB investigators, including a female inspector, searched Ragini’s entire apartment to find some clues to the banned drugs in the house.”

Gautam further said, “Ragini reached the office in response to our second notice due to failure to appear before our investigation team on Thursday. Inquiries are still on.”

This investigation has been going on since morning. However, Patil did not say whether there was anything illegal in the hands of the team from his house. During the investigation, the team closely searched all the rooms, kitchens, flower pots, and everything.

Patil said, “Information on this will be given only after the search process is completed.” He also confirmed that the 30-year-old actress was present at the house during the investigation. After receiving information from Ragini’s friend Ravi Shankar, who was detained for allegedly supplying drugs on Thursday evening, the team Raided at the actress.

Patil said, “We have confiscated four mobile phones and a laptop from his flat.” Patil said on Thursday evening, “The city police have got the approval to keep Shankar in custody for five days for questioning by the local court to find out who he used to supply the banned drugs.”

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