home Sports IPL Champions’ playoffs prize money halved, makes the franchises upset!!

IPL Champions’ playoffs prize money halved, makes the franchises upset!!

IPL Champions’ playoffs prize money halved, makes the franchises upset!!

This year 2020 is definitely a shocker for all the final four franchises of the Indian Premier League. In a closed meeting, the BCCI and the IPL have decided together that the total play-off money for this season would be Rs.25crore which was initially a whopping Rs.50 crore, as part of cost-cutting measures for the upcoming edition.

It was informed through a mail that was sent to all the four franchises stating the same. In addition to this, each franchise will now have to pay Rs.50 lakh to the cricket association for hosting its own game. It was Rs.30 lakh previously. This extra Rs.20 lakh per match will make each franchise to ooze out Rs. 1.4 crore more over this season. But yeah, since each franchise makes more than Rs.200 crore per season from the central revenue, Rs.1.4 crore may not seem a big amount for them. Rather they were upset for not being approached before making these cost-changes. “ Such things could have been told to is at a meeting. But there was no such meeting of the owners, no discussions, nothing. They simply increased some fees and reduced the others,” said an official from a south-based team.

Reason for this cost-cutting?

Well, according to the mail sent by the BCCI, it did not specify any particular reason for halving the play-off fee. It simply stated,” The play-off standing fund for 2020 will be as follows :

  • Final winner – Rs.10 crore
  • Runner-up – Rs. 6.25 crore
  • 3rd place team – Rs. 4.375 crore
  • 4th place team – Rs. 4.375 crore”.

But, a BCCI notification, in possession of PTI read that “ the financial rewards have been reworked as a part of the cost-cutting measures.”.

“The franchises are all in good health. They also have multiple ways like sponsorships to bolster their income. Hence, the decision on prize money taken,” a senior BCCI source said.

However, state associations hosting IPL games will get Rs.1 crore with franchises and BCCI contributing. 50 lakh each.

It has also been learned that mid-level BCCI employees won’t be allowed to avail business class flights like earlier for flying to Asian countries (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE) where the flight time is less than eight hours.


Big day for BCCI

Late on Tuesday evening, it emerged that the Supreme Court would hear the BCCI’s petition over amendments to its constitution. The amendments mainly focus on extending the tenure of BCCI President Sourav Ganguly, Secretary Jay Shah and Joint Secretary Jayesh George, who would otherwise have to vacate their positions in July owing to a cooling-off clause. The BCCI has pleaded for the dilution of the clause and drip the suppression of disqualification clauses for the official representing the board at the ICC.


Why Agarkar was ignored?

There were a total of 44 applications for the Cricket Advisory Committee(CAC) out of which 5 were called namely L. Sivaramakrishnan, Venkatesh Prasad, Sunil Joshi, Rajesh Chauhan and Harvinder Singh for an interview for the selection committee. The interviews will be conducted today by Madan Lal, RP Singh, and SulakshanaNaik. The saddest and surprising thing is that they left out AjitAgarkar from the shortlist.


There were also rumors lately that Ganguly might address the media after the interviews this evening. He may also know about the amendments done by the Supreme Court, though these were not really confirmed yet.