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IPL 2020: Starts from September 19, franchises demanded schedule from BCCI

It has been more than a week for IPL teams arriving in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but the BCCI has not yet released the league schedule. If sources are to be believed, some franchises have appealed to the Indian Board to release the schedule as soon as possible.

According to sources, when the BCCI will share the schedule, it is not known yet. A source said, ‘We have appealed to the BCCI both through verbal and message to announce the schedule as soon as possible so that we can plan accordingly.

The source said, ‘Someone says Monday, someone says Tuesday, we will get the program, but cannot confirm this.’ The BCCI recently spoke to officials of the Emirates Cricket Board (UAE) and all issues regarding the schedule and traffic have been resolved.

One reason for the delay in the program may be the increasing cases of COVID-19 in Abu Dhabi, as league matches are to be played in Abu Dhabi as well. Apart from this, matches will also be played in Dubai and Sharjah. After the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) 13 players got COVID-19 positive, dark clouds are also hovering over the league.

COVID-19 has also troubled the franchises. The source said, ‘They should also at least tell us about the members. Who has been infected, it is very important for our safety.

The IPL-13 is starting from 19 September. Due to COVID-19, this league is being organized in UAE at this time.

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