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Instagram reels and Fortnite: Seasons’ new start trending

  • Instagram reels come into feature, just days after the ban of TikTok

It was only ten days from the ban of TikTok in India. Instagram rolls out a new feature in the existing app called ‘Reels’. Instagram initially announced that it will be extending the Reels feature to the users in India.

India now is the fourth country where this feature is being tested. The other three countries are Brazil, Germany and France. 

What does Reels do?

This new feature Instagram can keep you gripped just like TikTok videos can. It allows the user to record a 15 second multi-clip video with audio, effects and other creative tools on Reels. They can be shared with their followers on the Feed. If the creator has a public account, then it can be made available to the wider audience community on Instagram.

This feature rolled out in India from 7.30pm on Wednesday and has polled in some content from a diverse set of public figures.

What makes this more interesting is that Instagram provides plenty of options of music to offer to its users. Instagram, for this, had partnered with prominent music labels as well.

While Reels is sure a replacement for TikTok for the time being, it has largely kept the TikTok users happy, we are yet to understand if this is going to have the same fan base as TikTok did. However, one good thing in favour of Reels is that, TikTok has left a huge void for Instagram Reels to fill it up; especially given the crowd of user for TikTok.

Want to create an Instagram Reel?

Well, that’s as easy as eating a cake!

  1. Begin by selecting ‘Reels’ at the bottom of the Instagram camera.
  2. Now, click on the ‘Audio’ option and search for your song from the Instagram library of music. Alternatively, you can also use your own original audio by recording a Reel, just like you do in TikTok.
  3. Add AR Effect to make your Reel look more interesting and different. If you want, you can set the timer to record your clips hands free.
  4. Reels gives you an option to speed up or slow down the video or audio.


Viola! That’s one Reel in your account.

TikTok was definitely one of a kind. It gave multiple people the liberty to act, dance, mime and sing their hearts out. In fact, its fan base was so huge in India that TikTok even considered strategies for monetising business in India. The company was also on the process of launching new tools and features to make it easier for brands to get more information on influencers and their user base. But then, things took a turn.

So what’s next that is trending? Fortnite Vs PubG?

It is not an exaggeration to say that Fortnite might as well be the most popular game in the world. The digital platform has now seen a million users for Fortnite already. Looks like Pubg has a competitor?

The most famous royal battle game was developed by Epic Games, where the players drop into a map, either as a team or on their own, along with 99 other players. After this landing the mad rush to pick up as many weapons as possible starts, alongside working your way to the centre of the map. The last player standing is the winner.

Fornite is popular one main reason; the game is free. It has a free-to-play models who can download Fortnite and can start

So Which one should you choose? PubG or Fortnite?

Well, in either cases, both the games are essentially the same, except for PubG being a standalone game apart from a PC version and Fornite can be played on your mobile.

Fortnite has many episodes and chapters inside it, that keeps the players and audience going and thrilled. In 2019 alone, Fornite brought $1.8 billion revenue. If you are wondering how it makes money, we’ll tell you. Unlike other games, Fortnite entirely makes its money from micro transactions. The monetisation comes in the from of ‘skins’ and ‘costumes’ of the players which the player has to purchase. 

So, which one is your favourite? PubG or Fortnite?  

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