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Indian Institute Of Technology- The dream of every Indian teen.


If you are an IIT aspirant and still haven’t watched this movie ” Super 30 ” yet, please do.  The movie ” Super 30” was so inspiring that I wanted to start preparing for JEE.

Maybe I was one among those, who thought that Hrithik Roshan was not an apt choice for this role. But I am glad that he proved me wrong.  Undoubtedly this was one of his best performances till the date. He gets into the skin of the character.  He portrayed the character with ease and honesty. He takes you along on his journey and makes you a part of it. He deserves all the appreciation and accolades.

The film showcases how an organized mafia hits jackpot in the name of coaching. The coaching centers charge a huge amount from all those rich parents promising their kids a guaranteed seat in IIT. What happens to the underprivileged and middle-class families who cannot afford to pay for coaching? Here comes our mathematician Anand Kumar, who becomes a messiah to these underprivileged children who want to get into IIT. He picks 30 super talented kids, provides shelter food and free coaching for the toughest exam on the planet. In this process, they face challenges from rich kids, politicians and other coaching centers. But Super 30 stands strong against all odds. On an average 25 students fulfill their dream to get in into the most prestigious school, the Indian Institute of technology each year. This is only possible when there is a tutor like Anand Kumar, whose mission is to get those kids into IIT and not to make money. So it is very clear that it is the tutor who makes the difference and not the coaching center.

Ok, now have I mentioned that super 30 only picks the talented underprivileged?  Yes, only the talented can achieve this feat. A child scoring good percentage in academics doesn’t guarantee admission into IIT. Even if you are above average, sorry you cannot make it. Only the deserving will be able to crack JEE. Deserving are those who can give up everything to fulfill their dream, those who have the passion and those who are able to apply those concepts.

But it is the parents who fail to understand that not everyone is meant for IIT. For most of the parents, it is the only motto. Since the time the child is born, it is decided that he will become an IITian. Yes, there are other parents who want their children to become doctors. But the craze to get into top IIT is unmatchable. Therefore kids get into IIT coaching as early as 8th grade. Since then all you see around you is thick textbooks and nothing else. Kids end up giving up on your regular childhood. Sadly, everything goes unnoticed by the parents or they choose to ignore the psychological cost. Often kids of that age are rebellious. But unfortunately, parents fail to understand that it is the depression or the pressure that turns into anger. Sometimes that depression finds its way out in the form of suicide.

Parents need to realize that, it is OK not to get into IIT. Therefore they should stop pushing their kids into this rat race.

Let the IIT be your child’s dream and not yours.