home Social India Coronavirus lockdown: Bored already? 8 Things you can do during the lockdown.

India Coronavirus lockdown: Bored already? 8 Things you can do during the lockdown.

India Coronavirus lockdown: Bored already? 8Things you can do during the lockdown.

Well, who knew to stay at home and doing nothing can be so stressful. If you are bored of sleeping, eating, counting the tiles on your wall and even watching TV don’t worry. We have just got the solution for you.

We have to survive this lockdown for 21 whole days, so let’s take this as an opportunity to try something new or get things done around the house that we know we have been putting off for months now. We are all guilty of that.

Here are a few ideas of what you can do to pass your time:

  1. Coloring: Who said colors are just for kids? Coloring can be fun for all age groups. Sit down with your kids, siblings or maybe just alone and try coloring, painting, and sketching. Get creative with colors and you ever know if you actually start loving it.


  1. Reading: Now we all have books stacked up on our shelves with dust just piling over it. This is the time you have been looking for to finish the book you have reading for months or start a new healthy habit for your brain. You can travel to different corners of the world by just sitting at a place and reading the book.reading


  1. Cleaning or re-decorating your home: How many times has it happened that we just shoved our clothes or belongings in the cupboards just because we didn’t have time to clean up? What better time to start cleaning up your house or even redecorating it for a comfortable and cozy 21 days.cleaning


  1. Getting creative in the kitchen: The only experiments to do during this time are in the kitchen. So get creative. Indulge in a cooking face-off with your siblings or spouses. Blow some steam off by actually steaming those momos you are craving for a week. Bake your favorite cake and actually test your cooking skills and who knows by the end of this you will actually learn something new and fun.cooking


  1. Binge-watching: Okay, let’s get real now. We all know that we have been doing only this for quite a few days and we are already kind of bored of re-watching the same Friends TV show. How about discovering a new genre? We have plenty on all these streaming websites to take us through our 21 days lockdown.netflix
  2. Board games: Do you guys remember what we did when we didn’t have Netflix or Instagram to keep us busy in our vacations? That’s right, Board games- Monopoly, Life, Scrabble, Ludo, Housie, caroms and many more. And obviously we all know that when we start these games with our families, how competitive they get.board games


  1. Home workouts: Still blaming the time for not getting to go to the gym or starting a workout. Well, you have run out of excuses. This is the time for you to start getting fit. You don’t know how to start? Well, we have got that covered too. Thanks to the internet we can learn or do anything. Look for home work-outs and there is your solution.


  1. Online courses: Never had time to indulge your time in learning something new maybe an instrument or a language or maybe skill to master or add in your resume. The internet is always there for you. Subscribe to channels or maybe enroll for an online workshop to interact with mentors and learn something new.online courses


Now just pick one of the above and you are good to go for a few days of lockdown. Stay home, stay safe.

We are in this together.