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Hyderabad COVID 19 patient recalls poor hospital care in video before his death

The patient was admitted to Government Chest Hospital in Hyderabad’s Erragada

  • A 35-year-old man, Ravi was admitted to the Government Chest hospital on June 24, at around 6 pm and died around 1.40 am on June 26.
  • Ravi uttered his last words to his father that he told the hospital staff he could not breathe, yet they removed his ventilator.
  • He says it was three hours into it without a ventilator and that he felt his heart had stopped breathing and only breath is left. Bye daddy, bye to everyone were his last words.
  • The incident highlights to very poor care and state of affairs of a government-run hospital.
  • The Erragad hospital has highlighted the poor medical facilities for COVID-19.

In a video message, Ravi’s father, Venkatesh said that his son got fever on June 23 and that he was taken to the hospital on the same day.

Since it was high fever and he had symptoms of COVID 19, the hospital refused to accept him there. Before admitting, he was asked to undergo a test.

From there, Mr Venkatesh travelled to Vijaya Diagnostics in Karkhana and there, the centre said they had a limit of testing only 150 people per day and that they had reached their limit.

From there, he was directed to their Moosapet branch, where had to fill a form and stand in a queue along with the others to get the test done, which he did. The rest results showed positive for coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

He said that he visited several hospitals for treatment, but they all refused to accept him.

He said that he went to Nizam’s, but he was turned down there as well. Venkatesh recollects that he visited 10-12 hospitals and that his son was begging him to provide oxygen. Finally, he was admitted to Erragada, where they removed his oxygen, even before the COVID-19 report came and later he died.

The family was sent into quarantine as of Sunday night, however, they are yet to be tested for the contagion.