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‘#hinditeriyadupoda’ is banging the Internet

The indirect start resisting the nation to Impose Hindi on Non-Hindi locals. Forcing people to learn the language is truly a democracy breaking issue. #hinditeriyadupoda has been viral through social media and especially on Twitter, starting with Tamil Nadu.

Why Tamilian’s to be first against the Imposition of Hindi?

Tamil Vs Hindi is all over the media. T-shirts printed includes #hinditeriyadupoda were on the streets of Tamil Nadu playing against the ‘Hindi Imposition’. The arrival of the T-shirts approaches closely following Tamil Nadu contradicting the ‘Imposition of Hindi’ by the Center on non-Hindi talking states after DMK MP Kanimozhi was asked by a CISF workforce at Chennai air terminal on the off chance that she was Indian, for not knowing Hindi.

Kollywood stars and government officials are taking to wearing T-shirts so as to voice restriction to “Hindi Imposition” in Tamil Nadu.

The new prevailing fashion in the state has turned into a web sensation over the most recent 24 hours. Individuals have been posting photos “wearing one’s language on their sleeves, with much pride”.

On Sunday, a photograph of actor-entertainer Shirish with music director Yuvan Shankar Raja became a sensation, both in idiosyncratic T-shirts. The white T-shirt wore by Raja had a sketch of Tamil artist Thiruvalluvar with the wording, “I am a tamizh pesum Indian (I am a Tamil speaking Indian).” Shirish was found in a red T-shirt which stated, “Hindi theriyathu poda (I don’t know Hindi, Go man!)”

Lawmakers likewise joined the pattern, and DMK’s Kanimozhi and Udhayanidhi Stalin were seen transferring comparative photos.

Kanimozhi’s ongoing experience with a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) official at the airport, when she was examined concerning her identity as she didn’t know Hindi, has re-lighted the “Hindi Imposition” banter in the state.

Her tweet says, “A sparkle is sufficient to touch off a conclusion. At the point when we printed T-shirts, in the time of barefaced Hindi burden, we didn’t realize that the adolescents would react enthusiastically like our progenitors in battling biased practices. Much obliged to you,”.

The past of #HindiImposition:

Late 2017 and 2019 this concept probed by the BJP leaders. If not by the BJP this was always on the top list of issues in India. Hindi might just be a language or let’s say it is still “Rashtriya bhasha” but that doesn’t mean all Indians should compulsory learn or know the language.

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