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Hidden facts of Allu Arjun that only industry insiders know.

Hidden facts of Allu Arjun that only industry insiders know.



Telugu Film Industry knows that the audience watches the film for “entertainment” and watching their favorite actor dance in theatre screens is an absolute joy for them. Irrespective of the physique and looks and age, actors from the past and present have tried their best efforts in terms of dance in our industry.

In the ’90s, it has to be Bunny’s uncle Megastar who is a natural dancer and he is unique in his dance moves. The craze he has among the viewers for his dance is another level. That’s how he’s called One of the best dancers of Tolly wood, also Stylish Star. There is also a hidden title to him which is, he is also called Producer’s Hero.


Here are Few Unknown Insider facts of Allu Arjun:



For the world, he is stylish star, but as a person, he is a perfect family man. He likes to spend his time with his wife and son Allu Ayaan.



He also adopted children and promised them that, he will bear all their expenses until their education gets completed.

He is called as the PRODUCER’S HERO, as he always cares about the producer of his movie. He believes that, he will be satisfied only if the producer is happy!

His had working nature and dedication towards the movies is immense,


He played the Role of GonaGanna Reddy in Rudramadevi where Anushka Played Lead role, he performed this role at free of remuneration as he loved his characterisation.

During free time he spend his time painting, by profession he is a graphic animator.


He also loves to listen music and watch movies. He says that,  I am a hardcore music lover and that’s why i am able to dance well.” 


Allu Arjun

Tollywood director KRISH, who directed VEDAM  in an interviews said, ”now-a-days man is becoming like giraffe, Which means the distance between his heart and brain is increasing but  ALLU ARJUN is still a man, because his heart and brain are very close to each other.”



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