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FAU-G will be launched in October to replace PUBG, first level included Galvan Valley

Due to border disputes with China, the Indian government recently banned 118 Chinese apps during a digital strike. These include the very popular gaming app PUBG. Now Bangalore’s nCore Games has announced the launch of its ‘Fearless and United Guards’ (FAU-G) by the end of October. It will prove to be an indigenous version of PUBG.

According to a media report, nCore Games is teaming up with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar to launch a Battle Royal mobile video game, an alternative to the popular gaming app ‘Player Unknown Battlegrounds’ (PUBG) from Chinese tech company Tencent.

Something was going on months of work

According to the report, NCore said the co-founder Vishal Gondal games company that was going to work for the past few months on this game. Now it will be finalized soon. He said that the first level of this game would be based on Galvan Valley.

Significantly, in June, there was a clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers over the border dispute in Galvan Valley. Since then, this dispute has been continuous.

India did a digital strike

After this dispute, India banned the first 59 Chinese apps by doing a digital strike on Chinese tech companies. Even then, the process of banning the Chinese app continued. At present, on Wednesday, the Modi government banned 118 mobile apps from China, including PUBG.

Dangerous for the security and sovereignty of the country, the

The Indian government has banned Chinese apps as dangerous to the security, sovereignty, and integrity of the country. The banned apps include PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map Livik, PUBG MOBILE LITE, WeChat.

Vishal Gondal, the company’s co-founder at 20 percent of the revenue in the trust, said that the app of nCore Game is aimed at promoting patriotism and 20 percent of its net revenue will go to the government-backed trust, which soldiers on duty are martyred. He said that actor Akshay Kumar is the son of an army officer. He is known for supporting Indian soldiers. His main role has been in establishing trust. Along with this, he has also helped develop the concept of this game.

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