Face mask porotta and Corona bonda: COVID-19 special menu
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Face mask porotta and Corona bonda: COVID-19 special menu

  • The man behind the idea of the face mask porotta is KL Kumar and they look like two and three ply masks.

KL Kumar’s voice gloats pride when he said that ever since their hotel opened in 2003, they have always been doing something innovative. This time, it is their face mask porotta that has taken the internet in awe and was a quick overnight sensation.
Since Wednesday morning, Kumar has says he has spoken to at least 50 reporters so far and that he has huge orders through phone piled up for this famous face mask porotta.


KL Kumar is the Managing Director of Madurai’s Temple city group and is also the district Hotel Owner’s Association President. Kumar says that porottas are usually made in the evening and rarely in the morning. But since the popularity of the porottas grew, he has started making it in the mornings too. On Wednesday alone, from 11am to 9pm, he says he must have sold 500 sets of it.

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His hotel is known for ghee roast dosa and porottas usually make only 10% of the sales of dosa. But now, the percentage is reverse.

His facemask porotta looks like a two and three ply masks, with the layers beautifully falling in place. He says there is a bit of wastage when it comes to cutting it into the needed shape. However, they are priced moderately. The set is sold at 50Rs, that has two porottas, with two gravy and one cup of onion raita. Even the regular porotta is sold at the same rate.

Kumar stated that this idea was suggested to him by his son, as a way to remind people about wearing masks.

This is not the first time his hotel has something innovative. The last time, it was about ‘Baba paneer butter masala dosa’. It had Rajnikanth’s Baba symbol on the regular masala dosa. The symbol was made from cut vegetables and is placed on the dosa. The other one was the Tendulkar dosa, made as an ode to Sachin’s century, with a dosa that is shaped like a mask. There is corona bonda on their menu, where the onion pieces stick out to create the feel of the virus.

Innovative much? Keep guessing what might be next, or you could tell us below.

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