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Effective home remedies for Diabetics- Try these at home.

Effective home remedies for Diabetics.

 Diabetes is basically caused due to the lack of production of insulin or improper use of the produced insulin, which eventually leads to a deficiency in the blood glucose level. Diabetes is of two types, one where the insulin production is insufficient therefore the glucose level cannot be balanced; two when the body cannot produce insulin at all and therefore patients must inject insulin to maintain close levels. Apart from synthetic drugs, you can use various home remedies to cure or at least improve your diabetic condition. Here are some great home remedies to effectively maintain your blood sugar level:


Cinnamon contains a chemical to help utilize blood sugar naturally in your body. Add three tablespoons of cinnamon in one liter of boiling water and simmer it for 20minutes in low flame.

Bitter gourd :

 Have juice extracted from bitter gourd every morning on an empty stomach. Having this everyday for a few months will help maintain blood sugar levels.

Guava :

Have guava every day after peeling the skin off. It contains Vitamin C and fiber which help maintain the standard blood glucose level. Excessive guava eating is not recommended.

Neem :

Neem enhances insulin receptor sensitivity, improves circulation and lowers blood sugar levels thereby reducing your dependency on synthetic drugs. Drink the juice of the neem shoots every day on an empty stomach for best results.


Fruits are rich in fiber and other minerals which help stabilize blood sugar levels of the body. Consume at least 5 fruits a day! Choose fruits like banana’s, blackberries, cranberries, grapefruit, blueberries, kiwi and other citrus fruits.

Apart from the above-mentioned remedies, most effective anti-diabetic medicinal plants of Indian origin are Giloy (Tinosporacardifolia), Gurmur ( Gymnema Sylvester), Beetroot (Beta vulgaris), Methi (TrigonelaFenoum – Graecum), Neem, Tulsi, and Anar.