home Politics, Social COVID-19: People mixing religious disputes in this time of the global pandemic.

COVID-19: People mixing religious disputes in this time of the global pandemic.

COVID-19: People mixing religious disputes in this time of the global pandemic.

After the Tablighi Jamaat incident, where thousands of people from around the world attended the event in Delhi’s Nizamuddin on 13thof March, people started blaming the community for the spread of viruses in the country. What the Tablighi jamaat people died, was completely wrong and not accusable, but blaming one group of the community for that is not acceptable.

There were many other cases of different communities across the world not following the orders by the government.

On 14th March, when the Delhi government had already banned large group gatherings, the Hindu Mahasabha community organized a ‘Gau-mutra party’ fight the coronavirus which was not acceptable.

On 15th March 2020 when the Karnataka government had already banned gatherings of more than 5 people, on the next day one minister of the same government invited hundreds of guests to his daughter’s wedding and the Chief Minister of the same government was one of the attendees.

A 70-year-old Sikh preacher in spite of being asked to self-quarantine because of travel history to Italy and Germany attended a religious fair in Punjab from10-12 of March. 40,000 of his followers attended fair. He died on the 26th of March because of the coronavirus and all his followers have been asked to isolate themselves.

These cases were not just seen in India, but also around the world.

A 61-year-old woman in South Korea who did not get the test done attended a church gathering of thousands of people and ended up infecting the others.

Not just that, a South Korean church sprayed the devotees with refined saltwater in the belief of curing coronavirus but ended up infecting more than 40 of them.

In the United Kingdom, on the 7th of March thousands of devotes attended a funeral of a fellow devotee in the Iskon Temple. Of those attendees 21 have been confirmed of having the disease, 5 have died and there are more than 100 suspects.

A church in France organizes a 5 day prayer met every year and they did it this year as well on the 17th of February. Before the event there were only 12 cases of covid-19 in the country and right now there are 1 lakh positive cases in the country out of which 9000 have died.

In this time of global crisis where countries are helping each other out as a sign of humanity, blaming any group or community is not acceptable. We are all in this together in this time of global crisis. People across the world are helping each other out. The doctors, nurses, officers, medical staff, and everyone working in the frontline of this crisis are not thinking about the religions they belong to, but working day and night to help us fight this disease. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian, we are all fighting for survival every day so let’s do it together by helping each other.