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Brilliantly eradicating child marriages by Telangana government

Brilliantly eradicating child marriage by Telangana government


Kalyana Lakshmi/ Shaadi Mubarak Scheme by Telangana government is about lending financial help to poor people who cannot afford to marry their child. However, to avail the scheme, the girl must older than18 years. This scheme is a big step forward for eradicating child marriages. This way, families at least wait till the girls are 18 and take the perks of the scheme to have a better marriage with more expenses. The amount is Rs.1,00,116 per girl. It can avoid child marriages up to large extent. After years of effort, this scheme already saved many girls and Chief Minister, K. Chandrasekhar Rao expects this to save many more in the long run.

Raising the awareness about Kalyana LakshmiSchemehelps young girls from a poor background. This scheme was especially started for SCs and STs who generally marry and send their daughters to In-laws. It started with Rs.51,000 on 2nd October 20144 and extended to 1 Lakh now for all poor people in society for marriage expenses. Families with annual income not increasing more than 2 Lakhs can take advantage of this scheme. With many backward villages in the youngest state of India, this scheme fast forwards the development of the state and people.

Child marriage in India goes way back to many centuries. In the 20th century, according to pre-survey, there was 47%. Given the secrecy of child marriages in India, the actual percentage could be higher. From then, many laws were implemented from 1978 to eradicate child marriage. There are complications in Indian families, due to financial distress, emotional pressure, society pressure many marry their daughter at a young age to some unknown. This concept isn’t even considered as a crime by many individuals from different families. It is extremely difficult by convincing such individuals about crimes of child marriages.

Hopefully, such a brilliant scheme like Kalyana Lakshmi scheme would be much greater change.