home General Best livable city in India: Hyderabad, What makes it worth living? And why it Is ranked Best , fifth time in a row.?

Best livable city in India: Hyderabad, What makes it worth living? And why it Is ranked Best , fifth time in a row.?



Best livable city in India: Hyderabad, What makes it worth living? And why it Is ranked Best, the fifth time in a row.?

Hyderabad is ranked the “Best city to live” in India for the fifth year in a row. This survey was done by Mercer’s Quality of Living rankings. Hyderabad also ranked 142 in the list of all the countries in the world leaving behind other Indian cities like Bengaluru (149), Chennai (151), Mumbai (154), New Delhi (162).

Hyderabad offers you diverse cultural attitude, a city which has a great history, a city which is regarded as the safest in the country. Hyderabad also is known for its party life. Here people live in harmony and peace.  Kudos to the government, the crime rate has come down and there has been no terror attack in the recent past. SHE teams were also introduced for women’s safety and also to eradicate eve-teasing. It is very rare to hear any sort of discrimination based on color and region. The city dwellers are humble, friendly and less belligerent. Hyderabad has migrants from all over India, they never felt insecure. Hyderabad is for all and no one needs to be afraid.

The standard of living is economical compared to other cosmopolitan cities. Hyderabad adopts everyone who wants to stay here. This city has something for all the classes.  While people of elite background spend their weekend nights partying, the middle class enjoys refreshing tea at the famous café with their favorite biscuits and snacks.

Hyderabad is the hub for IT companies, Pharma companies, etc.  Hyderabad is the only city in India accommodating the development centers for Tech companies like Apple, Facebook,  Google, Microsoft and recently Amazon has launched big campus in the heart of the hi-tech city. This shows Hyderabad offers a plethora of job opportunities to the country. Hyderabad’s property market is the most affordable in India. Hyderabad is way cheaper where you can find an affordable place to rent and can live as near as 3 km from your workplace. This makes the city a first choice to live. The traffic congestion is not as bad as other cities, even if you are stuck, you won’t be delayed by more than 30 minutes. Hyderabad became the only city in India offering 1 Gbps retail broadband connection. There are thousands of public wi-fi spots in public places.

When someone thinks of moving to a new city, the first thing comes to mind is education for children. The city has many schools, colleges, and universities of repute. There are several international schools popping up around the IT hub. There are many Kendriyavidyalayas too. Hyderabad has IIT and IIIT campuses just outside the city. Hyderabad recently outnumbered Kota in terms of the number of students for IIT coaching. Hyderabad thus is coaching hub. Hyderabad is also famous for universities like University of Hyderabad and Osmania University.  Healthcare is Hyderabad is affordable, so much so that even the poor African countries choose to get treated here. Along with renowned APOLLO, there are several other private hospitals that offer good services.

The bus transport is robust and buses ply till late in the night. There are several categories of buses catering to different commuters. The railway stations in Hyderabad are some of the best in India, the city is well connected with different parts of the country. The city’s airport is considered to be the best in the world. The city scores most points in the category of food. The city has one of the best food cultures. While you can enjoy local cuisines, there are several joints that serve regional cuisines.

The few flaws with this city are the hot weather most of the year. There are no hill stations and beaches. One has to travel to other parts of India if one seeks a break.

Nevertheless, after analyzing all aspects, most of you will conclude that Hyderabad is the best city to live in.