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IPL 2020: BCCI asks all franchises to give 20% revenue

There is not much time left for the IPL 2020 to begin, in which case the BCCI and the franchise are busy in their preparations. Meanwhile, news of a confrontation between the BCCI and all the franchises has come out. In fact, the BCCI and the IPL Governing Council have asked the franchises to take 20 percent of their revenue in the IPL 2020. Due to this decision, the risk of mutual differences between the board and franchises has increased.

The franchise does not want to give 20% share to BCCI

According to the report, the board believes that “If there was no IPL this year, there would be no income.” This year, all franchises will give 20 percent of their revenue to BCCI. At this point, a franchise had advised that BCCI should not take 20 percent of the franchise’s earnings, which they are contracted to receive every season. 

A source who favored the BCCI on the same subject said, ‘In every IPL season, 20% of all eight franchises goes to the BCCI members, which is the revenue share of the board. Like hosting fees for hosting an IPL match every year, the franchisees get Rs 50 lakhs and Rs 50 lakhs from the BCCI – in total each season gets 8 crores from each venue and Rs 64 crores from all the franchises.

Now that this year’s edition of the UAE is shifting, the revenue is already out of the window, so all the franchises should give us that 20 percent amount. Because of the IPL does not happen, then they would have no benefit.

According to this report, none of the 13 state associations disagreed with this idea.

Franchises expect to earn more than 200 crores

So now the question is, how much will the franchises earn this year? With 50 percent of the revenue of 50 broadcasters – Rs 200 crore per franchise, official sponsorship in addition to Vivo, which fetches around Rs 200 crore every season, which means each franchise will earn Rs 12 crore. ‘

100 crore will be earned among Corona

Also, IPL is looking for the title sponsor for this season instead of Vivo. Even if the upcoming partners pay 50% of the money paid by Vivo, it means that a franchise will earn up to 230 crores. 

Speaking on the same topic, he further said, Also, if you add Jersey sponsorship and other partners to it, then the franchises are going to earn more than Rs 250 crore. Reduce player fees and operating costs, franchisees will still earn more than Rs 100 crore in the midst of an epidemic. Now, compare this with him, how would have been the income when this season was not IPL? ”