home General, News Another day another honor killing in India.

Another day another honor killing in India.

Hemavathi’s Fate For Marrying Her Love: Honor Killing


Honor killings are unpredictable and horrible enough to leave our mouths open with surprise. Hemavathi, a 23 year old married to a lower caste person in 2017. She fell in love with Keshavulu five years back and it has been to years since their marriage. Hemavathi is from a higher caste family, known as Naidu. Keshavulu is from a scheduled caste family in Usarapentavillage from Palamaner Mandal.


Apparently, because of fear form Bhaskar Naidu, the father of Hemavathi, the couple had been changing houses consistently for over two years. The couple was blessed with a child recently and gladly informed about the baby to Keshavulu’s parents. Keshavulu’s parents assured the couple that they would convince Hemavathi’s parents, now that they have a baby everyone expected the girl’s parents from a higher caste to consider for once and forgive Hemavathi for doing what she wanted to do. Possibly, Hemavathi also believed the same as others.

However, on 28th June 2019, the unexpected events happened. The couple along with their 7-day old baby was discharged from hospital and waiting for an autorickshaw. Out of nowhere, Hemavathi’s parents appeared and attacked Keshavulu. They forcibly took away their own daughter from their only grandchild. Keshavulu was helpless with a 7-day old baby.

Keshavulu immediately went to his place and gave a police complaint about the attack on them and kidnapping his wife. Police looked into the situation and discovered Hemavathi’s dead body brutally injured dumped in a disused well. She was beaten to death by sticks and had her hands and legs tied up by the time they found her body. Hemavathi’s life was happy and peaceful until she went forward to fulfill her own wish to marry the one, she loved.

The other factors, about how a father could hold a grudge for such a long time and about how they could be heartless to their own grandchild is not known. Police have looked into the situation and taken related people into custody. This reminds us, of how the society, people around us, with the people who we spend our time play a very crucial role in our day to day decisions. Hemavathi might have convinced Bhaskar Naidu, her father, only if the surroundings situation was suitable enough.

After the tragedy, district sub-collector Keerthi visited Keshavulu in Usarapenta to show her support to him and his baby. She assured him that his case would be transferred to SC/ST fast track court through district judge. The government is going to deposit Rs. 5 Lakh in the name of the baby and Keshavulu would be provided with a job in SC/ST hostel through outsourcing.

There was a dharna in front of Hemavathi’s corpse and demanded capital punishment. No matter how much they are punished, it would still be little to justify Hemavathi’s death.