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‘Actor Suriya Sivakumar must face ‘Contempt Action’ towards NEET comment’- HC Judge

Suriya Sivakumar’s recent condolences and concerning comment was misunderstood and went across the globe. While this was pointed by the High Court to take a Contempt action on his Translation mistake or whatever it is, said by HC Judge.

Kollywood star Suriya Sivakumar should confront contempt action over his remarks on Sunday in the Madras High Court connected to the supposed suicide of three medical applicants, a judge has said. Nonetheless, apparently the judge responded to a wrongly interpreted version of Suriya’s statement.

Four aspirants who were to show up for the profoundly serious NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), made suicide a week ago in Tamil Nadu.

Suriya’s words meant provoking to HC:

Portraying the passing’s as “difficult” and ones that had “shaken his still, small voice”, Suriya had stated, “With the dread of life because of crown alarm, the court which apportions equity through video-conferencing orders undergraduates to valiantly proceed to take tests.”

Madras High Court judge SM Subramaniam said the actor was in disdain of court. The judge said to the Chief Justice of High Court that, “The mentioned proclamation as I would like to think adds up to hatred of court as the honesty and commitment of the Honourable Judges just as the Judicial System of our Great Nation are sabotaged as well as condemned in awful shape, wherein there is a danger for the open certainty on the Judiciary”.

Be that as it may, the Judge’s interpretation from Tamil of the questionable aspect of Suriya’s announcement is erroneous in the duplicate flowed to the media.

The Judge composed that, “The announcement uncovers that the Hon’ble Judges fear their own life and delivering equity through video conferencing. While-thus, they have no assurance to pass orders guiding the understudies to show up for NEET Exam unafraid”.

While Suriya’s announcement seemed, by all accounts, to be a matter of truth, the adjudicator’s variant included components like “resolve” and “while-so” which are not found in the actor’s statement.

Suriya has won help via social media for his statement, with #TNStandsWithSuriya drifting on Twitter.

A few states had called for NEET and JEE to be conceded, given the rising COVID 19 cases. The Supreme Court twice dismissed petitions to concede the tests, once by students and the second time by restriction governed states.

For about 10 years, Tamil Nadu had cancelled the Medical Entrance test, saying that it prompted worry among undergraduates and those helpless students couldn’t manage the cost of private training. The state had requested exclusion from NEET and agree to concede students based on Class 12 grades.

The actor’s concern:

Suriya additionally required development for a unified voice against NEET, saying, “NEET executes specialist longs for kids from helpless families. We shouldn’t be quiet spectators of students’ deaths.”

The 45-year-old called NEET “Manuneedhi Thervu”, proposing that undergraduates from princely families profited with NEET, and the poor were abandoned.

A trader’s child in Namakkal and a piece trader’s child in Dharmapuri killed themselves on Saturday, a day prior to NEET on Sunday. Both had failed in the test a year ago.

A couple of days back, Vignesh, a farmer’s child who had made sure about a seat in a private dental school a year ago, passed on by suicide as his family couldn’t manage the cost of ₹ 5 lakh required for his confirmation. His folks state he was depressed.

As of all these suicides and the reckless statement from the HC while involving a concerned actor has provoked the audience. And thus, led to a piece of news by saying #TNStandsWithSuriya. Do follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for the latest updates and share the information with your circle as well.