home News A small mistake that resulted in the outbreak of COVID in entire Italy.

A small mistake that resulted in the outbreak of COVID in entire Italy.

A small mistake that resulted in the outbreak of COVID in entire Italy.




‘COVID19’ the present hot topic everywhere around the globe. Starting from China it made way to all India, the US, Italy and all most all the countries around the globe. China took quick measures in order to control the pandemic but Italy failed to react as quickly as possible and the outbreak has resulted in effecting people more than china’s statistics. It’s nothing shocking to estimate how serious the situation is after knowing that there were 650+ deaths that happened within 24 hours in Italy.



Here is the story that an Italian citizen told the world how hard and serious the situations were in Italy.

‘Exactly one month ago Italy found its first case of Coronavirus. In the first of its presence in  Italy,  only 11 towns were blocked out. But instead of taking certain preventive measures, care and increasing medical facilities both the Politicians, as well as the epidemiologists, started fighting in debates over the Television, where one party is stated it as just flu and the other party stated it as a virus.


Day to day the virus has shown progress, it started spreading rapidly by the end of the second week. It speeded through several regions in northern Italy registering the death toll 50 deaths per day.



A Twitterati from Italy has tweeted that ‘Then only the Italian government realized the pandemic and started closing the whole Lombardy and few other provinces but the right populists had the brilliant idea to pass to the media a draft of the law before it became active’, and thus how it made people get more panic and tried to leave Lombardy before it became red zone (a restricted zone). Three days after Italy government announced Lombardy as red zone there happened a sudden rise In death toll from 50 per day to 200 a day. A few cases started appearing outside the RedZone followed by entire Italy’s lockdown by the prime minister Conte.



The fourth week has arrived, the health system collapsed in many towns in Italy. In Bergamo, people had to wait for 7 hours for an ambulance t reach them in medical emergencies.


87 percent of people died in their homes because they couldn’t make it to the hospital.  Hospitals became extra full, there is no space even for the dead. Finally, the military had to come and take the dead away with the trucks.



In the meantime, a lot of people started getting sick in the south of Italy. On March 23rd, it came out with some statistics showing that many dead people are the parents and the relatives of those who fled Lombardy the night before the Lombardy lockdown, exactly two weeks ago. Today they have recorded almost 650+ deaths within 24 hours.








Recently a supermarket was also closed because an employee got sick and in this case, they closed the entire supermarket.  This is how the situation is going worse in Italy.




At first, it started in China, then to other countries through international passengers. From the Airport Cities, it spread to towns, and still if you don’t realize the situation and isolate yourself soon it reached the lane that you are living in and to our homes.